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Sinterklaas Is Nog Niet Jarig (2017)
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A comedy for children starring Dick Bouquet (Janus)
and Gersom Kremer (Manus) trying to save
Sinterklaas (Geert Dekkers) from trouble by the
evil Sinterklanus
Director: Dick Bouquet
Producer and DOP: Frank Herrebout
Co-Producer: Leo van Maaren
Sound: Raanan Cohen
Boom operator: Danan Voorn
Part: Doctor Erlemijer
Premiere: Zaandam/NL, November 11, 2017 at the
Pathé Zaandam Cinema

Bloedresultaat (Blood Results) (2016)
Drama about Ella, a girl in pain
starring Nastassia Vuursteen
Director and script: Lotte Van De Langerijt
DOP: Julio Accord
Sound: Sèfie Bakkers
Production: Lotte van de Langerijt for HKU, Utrecht, Netherlands
Production assistant: Denzel Messak
Part: Doctor

Smachtrijk (2016)
Drama about money and desire
starring Daphne Krijnen as Nadia
Director: Noah Schrijver
Production: Lucas Teering
DOP: Robbert Van De Lindt
Sound: Noëlle Mulder
Art Director: Aron Vuurpijl
Part: Jacob Staal
Premiere: Arnhem/NL, January 27, 2016 at the Focus Film Theater

Locked-In (2015)
Sarah (Selma Copijn) is diagnosed with the Locked-In Syndrome.
As things are getting worse the doctor wants a talk with her father (Ron Van Lemmeren). He has very unusual suggestion.
Director: Max Franken
Assistant Director: Margriet Privee
Boom/Electro/Set Dresser: Kamilla Steczkowska
Camera: Tjerk Muilwijk
DOP: Igor Gaasbeek
Sound: Reinhoud Maes
Script/Production Assistant/Make-up: Emma Notenboom
Catering: Cathrien Van Dam Runner: Hans Franken
Part: Doctor

Hoofdpijn (Headache) (2015)
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Subtitled scene from Hoofdpijn (Headache) (2015)

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Short about Richard, going through the motions.
Or is something the matter with him?
Starring Hugo Loomeyer as Richard
and Cynthia Van Poortvliet as Nina
Directors: Eline Schröer and Tom Fekkes
Assistant Director: Lindsay Riley
Scenario: Eline Schröer
D.O.P.: Tim Strecker
Sound: Abel Heijkamp
Gaffer: Mels Rademaker
Art Director: Chelony Mercado
Part: Doctor
Opening night:
Utrecht/NL, May 30, 2015; Wolff Cinema

Als De Dood (Like Death) (2015)
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Short film about Casper and Marleen, a married couple. He is a hypochondriac.
And she is quite fed up with it. Starring:
Roos Immink as Marleen and Bert Wagenaar van Kreveld as Casper
Director: Niek Ceylan
Producer: Jeremy Francis
D.O.P.: Jaron Joosten
Sound: Jeroen Hartog
Light: Luuk Werkman
Art Director: Linda Verwoerdt
Make-up: Tessa Peters and Mariska Van Oijen
Part: Death
Premiere:Arnhem/NL, January 20, 2015; Focus Film Theater
Selected and shown at the 8th Fest Film Kosova, Fushë/Kosova on June 3, 2015

Flying Wings (2014)
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An animation by Ralph Stevenson
with the voices of
Adam G. Meredith (as Hugo Junkers) and
Henk Brugge (as Anthony Fokker)
The animation is about the tense relationship between
two great German aviators: Hugo Junkers, an engineering
visionary, and Anthony Fokker, the man behind the German
air force in WWI.
Created for the 2014 Experimental Narrative Workshop at the
University of Technology Sydney, Australia.
With thanks to:
Jelena Sinik, Simon Von Wolkenstein and Deborah Szapiro.

Poolshoogte (2014)
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Short about a detective, on the trail of a murderer. Question is: whodunnit?
Director: David Pertijs
Producer: Vivianne Werkhoven
DOP: Edu Goossens
Editor: Tirsa Van Der Kleij
Sound: Derck Kuijt
Art Director: Christel Heijmans
Part: Detective Neuteboom
Opening night: Utrecht/NL, June 27, 2014

Maze (2014)
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Short about an elderly woman in a nursing home, suffering from delusions.
Her daughter Evi wonders what is going on ...
starring Jildou Kroes as Evi
Director: Rachel Van Bruggen
Producer: Lisa De Gelder
D.O.P.: Jesper Blok
Sound: Gido Brinkhof
Make-Up: Imane Nadif
Part: Doctor Van Der Laan
Opening night: Amsterdam/NL, July 3rd, 2014

Le Coq Chaud (2014)
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Short film about a restaurant cook's daydreams
starring Arjen Van Der Lely (as Herman); co-starring Rianne Dekker
as Bernadette, Iris Wester as Hetty
and Henk Brugge as Clemens
Director/Editor: Piet Van Steen
Producers: Piet Van Steen & Sebass Van Boxtel
DOP: Pascal Adriaansen
Camera Operator: Marijn Hurkens
Dresser: Machtelijn Van Den Bouwhuijs
Set Dresser: Milan Tak
Sound: Bas Moerland
Opening Night: Chassé Theater, Breda/NL, March 8, 2014 at the
48 Hour Film Project Festival

Have You Seen Lullu? (2013)
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Short film about two tough criminals. One of them seems to have a soft spot, however.
Director: Hyder Aljezairi
Production Design: Lisa Van Der Drift
Nanna Mortensen, Victoria Zondervan and Roberto Niño Betancourt
DOP/Cinematography: Kevin Vervoort
Color Correction: Dimitris Poteas
Sound: Victoria Zondervan
Music: Luka Van Geelen
Part: The Old Man
Opening Night: Lantarenvenster, Rotterdam/NL; December 10, 2013 at Rotterdams Open Doek

Barbituraat (2013)
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Premiered: Den Bosch/NL, October 24, 2013
Directors/script: Rick Van Eijk and Ziko Assink
DOP: Wesley Martens
Sound: Erik Feijen/Joey De Ronde
Lighting: Jelle Bakker
Editor: Jan De Bont
Make-up/Wardrobe: Pleun Van Den Berg
Part: Plastic Surgeon, dr. Cornelissen

The Protocol (2013)
Film short about Dutch Immigration Officer Jan De Ruyter, starting to doubt his job
after meeting with a young asylum seeker (played by Stefano Parinussa)
Premiered: October 17, 2013 in OT301, Overtoom 301, Amsterdam
Director/script: Nilantha Asela Amarasinghe
Producer: Raffaella Allegra
Gaffer/Editor Offline & Online: Kim Van Diermen
DOP: Catherine Nael
Audio Engineer: Linda Jongbloed
Audio Designer: Barnard Smit
Part: Jan De Ruyter

Jan de Ruyter is a Dutch strict, law-abiding IND (Dutch Immigration
Authorities in The Hague) officer. He works and lives in Amsterdam.
In his private life, he is a loving husband, caring father and a brilliant musician.
The life of Mahmoud, a 17-year old immigrant who is about to be deported is
in Jan’s hands. He turns a blind eye to the horrible consequences of deporting
him, trying to rule according to protocol, and plays his music as he tries to
escape his guilty conscience. It won’t be long before the inevitable thought of
his co-responsibility for the death and misery of many catches up with him ...

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De Pieten Soap (2013)
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Dutch Web-Series about the adventures of three 'Zwarte Pieten' on the loose in The Netherlands;
5 episodes aired from November 6-December 4, 2013
starring Glenn Van Haaster (as Carlo), Kenny Den Otter (as Pablo), Donna Roozen (as Maaike), Nadia-Jane Bristoll
(as The Fortune Teller) and Henk Brugge (as The Farmer)
Director/scenario/casting: Glenn Van Haaster
Producer: Haas Producties

Camera: Jaap Hoogstad
Part: Farmer

Lachen! (Laugh!) (2013)
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Short film about delusions and coming to terms with things starring Eelco Peterzen
Opening night: Diligentia Theater, The Hague; June 19, 2013
Winner Awards for Best Scenario and Best Sound

Vincent Annema holding his two awards ----------- Henk Brugge as Dr. Katz

Director: Jeroen De Nie
Producer/Editor/Scenario: Vincent Annema
Co-Executive Producers: Kevin Lemans, Henry Linger & Mandiep Singh
Art Director: Henry Linger
Cinematography/Director of Photography: Daan Hettinga
Part: Dr. Katz, The Psychiatrist

Waan (Delusion) (2013)
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Short film about Simone, having problems with her delusional son named Vincent
co-starring Sylvia Vogel as Simone Van der Wal and Sander Houwaart as Vincent Van der Wal
Opening night: Diligentia Theater, The Hague; June 19, 2013
Director: Christiaan Van Arkel
Producer: Cindy Nijholt
Assistant Director: Rianne Voois
Sound: Tim ter Brugge
Camera: Erwin De Swart/Richard Bouwman
Make Up Artists: Miriam Sznajder & Myrèn in 't Hof
Location Manager: Jaimie Pattiselanno
Part: Mr. Smit, the psychiatrist

Air On A String (2013)
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Short Film about an elderly demented man and his visions starring
Joy Ehrlich, Jente Jong and Merlijn Remmig
Opening Night: Nieuwe Veste, Breda on April 11, 2013;
Award winner Best Short Film and Audience Award

Director/Editor: Piet van Steen for Moow Films
Production: Sebass van Boxtel
Co-Producer: Nienke Kruit
DOP: Marijn Hurkens
Camera Operator: Pascal Adriaansen
Boom Operator: Bas Moerland
Music: Pieter Vonk
Make-up artist: Siham Moujtahid
Part: Rufus

Witte Wolken (White Clouds) (2013)
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Film about dealing with loss and grief
Robert Rosier
Opening night The Hague, Pathé Cinema Buitenhof on May 6, 2013
Director: Eva Knoet for Plucky Penguin Pictures
Part: Peter

Zwarte Kousen
(Black Stockings) (2012)

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Short starring Angela Van Zoest about a teenage girl breaking away
from her religious parents
Opening Night: Rotterdam, November 27, 2012
Director: Michael Jacobson
Producers for Bona Mens Studios:
Soraya van La Parra; Sjafiek Alidjan; James Polak; Santino Meiland;
Camera: Ufuk Özcan; Oligar Da Paz; Michael Jacobson
Sound: Santino Meiland; Sjafiek Alidjan
Part: preacher Ruben

EntertainmentExperience (2012: Part 4: Het Complot)
EntertainmentExperience (2012: Part 7: De Ontknoping)
EntertainmentExperience (2012: Part 8: De Gebakken Peren)
Eight internet soap-styled episodes (in Dutch)
Director/camera/editing: Gabriel Metz
Camera/editing part 8: Arjan Tigchelaar
Part: Wim

Mastermind (2011)
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Short about human traficking
starring Emel Bulut and Alex Cheung
Director: Joas Burggraaf
Scenario/Director of Photography/Editing: Chung Dha
2nd Director: Koen Oude Groote Beverborg
Sound Design: Sara Pinheiro
Music: Johan Van Der Voet
Sound Post-Production & Mixing: Soundgram Post, Den Haag
Producer: Marlies van Amerongen for Art 273
Production Manager: Sabine Heemskerk
Floor Manager: Jeffrey Siefers
Part: Surgeon

Persoonlijke Effectiviteit (2009)
Corporate film about the role of the manager and the employee
Director: Rob van den Biggelaar
Script and camera: Marc Geenen
Production: Rob van den Biggelaar (for Habilis, Eindhoven)
Part: Bart

Dealing With Aggression (Omgaan Met Agressie) (2007)
Corporate film (HTM Transportation) about recognizing
and dealing with aggression in public transport
Director: Rob van den Biggelaar
Production: Rob van den Biggelaar (for Habilis, Eindhoven)
Part: angry bus passenger arguing with bus driver

De Cirkel (The Circle) (2007)
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Short, starring Maria Heidemann and Pim van Lonkhuizen
Director: Felix van Dam
Camera: Robin Segers
Sound/editing: Joachim Harten
Production: Hans Nieuwenhuijsen (for Open Studio)
Part: Bernard

Squeegeeman's Solitude (2007)
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Short, co-starring Maria Heidemann
Director: Wesley Vis
Sound design: Herman Witkam
Part: Erik

Onderweg Naar Morgen (Dutch Television Series; episode 2619; 2007)
Director: Ray Gallenkamp
Part: hospital patient; dialogue with co-assistent
Episode aired: February 20, 2007 Click To Watch Scene

Durf Te Dromen (Dare To Dream) (2006)
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Short film about dreams ... and making them come true
Boy Sheikkariem
Camera/sound: Jurriaan van Nimwegen and Kris Patmo
Part: Max's father; dialogue with leading actor

Raam 4 (Window 4) (2005)
Short (22') dramatized film about a young girl in the claws of a so-called loverboy
Starring Merel Krediet and Sadik Eksi
Co-Starring In Alphabetical Order: Amaru, Henk Brugge, Carmen Anna, Dirk Van Der Pol
Producer/director: Ruben Bults for AcTive Pictures
Executive Producers: Marco Reichelt and Pepijn D'Anvers
Scenario: Michael Leendertse
Production design: Inge De La Parra
DOP: Boje Ploeg
Gaffer: Roeland Bentvelzen
Editor: Thom Kuijsten
Sound Design: Dominique Van Ommen
Muziek: Vidjay Beerepoot
Make-up Atist: Marit Jasperse
Part: unexpected visitor; scene/dialogue with leading actress.

Film is also available on DVD

Boter, Kaas, Kennis (Butter, Cheese, Knowledge) (2003)
Production: ETV.NL in co-production with SALTO TV Amsterdam
Director: Maureen Birney
Part: voice-over quiz; episode: De Stopera

Stressmanagement (2003)
Corporate film: Management Example Cases To Learn From
Producer: Deloitte & Touche/Dijkman, Voorburg
Part: manager; various dialogues with subordinate (co-actor)

Post Traumatisch Stress Syndroom Met Aandachtsstoornis (2001)
Corporate film for Academic Education
Producer: Academisch Ziekenhuis der Vrije Universiteit/Bramsen, Amsterdam
Part: patient; dialogue with medic

Training The Observer (Example Cases To View) (2001)
Corporate film: Cases For Philips Leadership Competencies
Producer: Philips/Larsen, Hilvarenbeek
Part: sales-representative; dialogue with customer

Onderweg Naar Morgen (Dutch Television Series; 2001; Episode 1467)
Director: Harald van Eck
Part: computer mechanic; dialogue with customers Click To Watch This Scene
Episode aired: September 11, 2001...

Westenwind (1999; Episode 8: Dansen Met Het Verleden)
Director: Tjebbo Penning
Creative producer: Johan Nijenhuis
Production: RTL4 Television/Sabine Brian
Part: ambulance paramedic; dialogue with patient's family

Burn Out (1998)
Corporate Film for Academic Education
Producer: Academisch Ziekenhuis der Vrije Universiteit/Van der Kreeke, Amsterdam
Part: patient; dialogue with medic

Goudkust (Dutch Television Series; part 333; 1997
Director: Aart van Asperen
Part: paramedic
Episode aired: December 31, 1997

Onderweg Naar Morgen (Dutch Television series; 1997; part 645)
Director: Berry van Galen
Part: ambulance paramedic dialogue with patient's family
Episode aired: April 18, 1997

Madelief (1996; 2nd series, pt. 6)
Director: Ineke Houtman
Part: Construction Worker
Episode aired: November 10, 1996

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